Current Events - Olympics, Black Panther, Gun Control

February 18, 2018

Casey and Meesh bounce back and forth between serious current events and sports as they talk about the most recent school shooting, the Olympics, Marvel's newest movie release (Black Panther), and several positive shout-outs.


Hockey, Jagr, and Sports Memories

February 1, 2018

Casey and Meesh spend most of their time talking about hockey in this episode as they discuss all-star events, Jaromir Jagr, and some of their favorite sports memories.


Dream Jobs and Other Randomness

January 24, 2018

After some quick discussions about an upcoming Deadspin article and how to behave at the gym, Casey and Meesh delve into their job backgrounds and talk about dream jobs, career paths, and how their ideas of both have changed as they've gotten older.


Purely Miscellaneous Thoughts

January 17, 2018

There's no set topic for this week's episode, which leads to a discussion about the following: The Hawaiian missile alert fiasco, the Steelers loss, Pirates trades, gray hairs, celebrity deaths, bad teeth, wearing socks, The Flash, dieting, and more.  There's something for everyone!


Personality Tests

January 7, 2018

Casey gets an introduction into personality tests as he and Meesh discuss their Myers-Briggs personality types and the Dark Triad test.


Our 2017 Favorites

December 31, 2017

Casey and Meesh talk about their favorite things from 2017. They dip into the topics of movies, tv shows, podcasts, sporting events, life events, music, books, and of course, miscellaneous favorites.


Harry Potter, Fan Theories, and Horcruxes

December 6, 2017

Harry Potter is the topic of the week as Casey and Meesh discuss some of their favorite fan theories and their plans for horcruxes as the entire podcast goes off the rails with miscellaneous thoughts.

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Thankfulness and Materialism

December 1, 2017

After a recording mishap last week, Casey and Meesh discuss things they are thankful for and then move into the topic of materialism coming off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.


Conversation Starters

November 16, 2017

Casey and Meesh had nothing to talk about, but that couldn't stop them from recording as they went through a variety of conversation starters and random questions for a true Miscellaneous Thoughts episode.


Letting Go of Useless Opinions

November 9, 2017

Casey and Meesh are inspired by a Lifehacker article titled "Free Your Mind By Having Fewer Useless Opinions", so they talk about useless opinions before transitioning into a discussion about how empathy has changed throughout society over the years. The deeper topics are sandwiched in between the lighter topics of treadmill talk and positive shoutouts!