Everything Music

March 29, 2017

Casey and Meesh discuss their history with music, including CDs they've purchased, concerts they've attended, how Meesh went from Korn to Taylor Swift, and how both of their music tastes have changed over the years. Casey repeatedly reminds you to not listen to Nickelback...so remember, don't listen to Nickelback.


Small Talk, Fitness, and Fitbits

March 22, 2017

Miscellaneous Thoughts lives up to the name as Meesh and Casey cover random ideas regarding small talk, NHL Awards voting, driving ability, Fitbit usage, working out, Star Wars, Planet Earth, and Marvel's Iron Fist at the end.


Binge Watching and Entertainment Talk

March 16, 2017

Casey and Meesh hit a little bit of everything as they start off with more of Casey's rants before talking about DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and binge watching tv shows.


Our Favorite Phone Apps

March 7, 2017

Casey kicks off the show with a few rants before he and Meesh share the phone apps that make their lives easier (or more profitable). The podcast ends with Casey atoning for his rants with several positive shout-outs and there's a quick discussion about the movie Logan at the end.


Driving Pet Peeves & Draft! - March National Days

February 28, 2017

What are your biggest driving pet peeves? Meesh and Casey discuss what annoys them on the road and then prepare for March with a draft of the National Days of March.


Draft! - Game of Thrones

February 23, 2017

Chris (@Griggsy96) joins Meesh and Casey for more Game of Thrones talk, including a draft of characters. They then talk about Griggsy's background and end with a plethora of positive shout-outs.


Casey Meets Game of Thrones

February 19, 2017

After a little more hockey talk about Marc-Andre Fleury and Sidney Crosby, the conversation turns to Game of Thrones now that Casey has finally caught up on the series.


Sports: Fandom vs Business (aka Fleury vs Murray)

February 15, 2017

Hockey finally comes to the forefront of this podcast as Meesh and Casey talk about how sports fans deal with the business of sports, and how it's affecting everyone's thoughts on Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray with the NHL trade deadline and expansion draft looming.


Draft! - Fast Food Restaurants

February 12, 2017

Brett (@slegrbombs71) joins Meesh and Casey as they embark on a fast food restaurant draft before Brett talks about being a Penguins fan in Flyers territory.


We Hate People

February 8, 2017

Meesh and Casey wrap up social media interactions and podcasts from the previous episode, then talk about how manipulative internet lists can be and how fandoms would be better if people were better.