Game of Thrones is Back and So Are We

July 20, 2017

Ryan Hamner (@ryhamner) joins Casey and Meesh to catch up on the last couple of months and talk about Season 7, Episode 1 of Game of Thrones.


Stanley Cup Final Thoughts and a Game 1 Recap with Rich Miller

May 30, 2017

Rich Miller joins the show again as he and Meesh talk about the Stanley Cup Final and a nonsensical Game 1 that they will never understand.


Death, Taxes, and the Caps Choking: NHL Playoffs Rd 2 Recap & Rd 3 Preview with Rich Miller

May 12, 2017

Rich Miller (@atrichmiller) from The Pensblog joins Meesh again to discuss the aftermath of Pens/Caps and take a look at the NHL Conference Finals match-ups coming up.


NHL Playoffs Rd 1 Recap & Rd 2 Preview with Ryan Wilson

April 26, 2017

Ryan Wilson (@GunnerStaal) of HockeyBuzz joins Meesh for a recap of Round 1 of the NHL playoffs and a preview of Round 2 as they focus on the Pens-Caps series.


Pens Playoff Preview with Rich Miller

April 11, 2017

Casey ran away for the week, so join Meesh for some Penguins talk and an NHL Playoff Preview as he's joined by Rich Miller from The Pensblog.


Draft! - National Days of April

April 3, 2017

Casey and Meesh look ahead to their favorite National Days in April after a quick talk about button-up vs button-down shirts.


Everything Music

March 29, 2017

Casey and Meesh discuss their history with music, including CDs they've purchased, concerts they've attended, how Meesh went from Korn to Taylor Swift, and how both of their music tastes have changed over the years. Casey repeatedly reminds you to not listen to remember, don't listen to Nickelback.


Small Talk, Fitness, and Fitbits

March 22, 2017

Miscellaneous Thoughts lives up to the name as Meesh and Casey cover random ideas regarding small talk, NHL Awards voting, driving ability, Fitbit usage, working out, Star Wars, Planet Earth, and Marvel's Iron Fist at the end.


Binge Watching and Entertainment Talk

March 16, 2017

Casey and Meesh hit a little bit of everything as they start off with more of Casey's rants before talking about DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and binge watching tv shows.


Our Favorite Phone Apps

March 7, 2017

Casey kicks off the show with a few rants before he and Meesh share the phone apps that make their lives easier (or more profitable). The podcast ends with Casey atoning for his rants with several positive shout-outs and there's a quick discussion about the movie Logan at the end.